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Healthy plants in the office encourage happy colleagues.

It’s highly likely that there are already plants in your office. Often, they’re either brought in by employees themselves or are the remaining plants from an indoor greening project. However, caring for and watering these plants is typically done sporadically and incorrectly by individual employees. Plants require consistent care, the right amount of light, water, nutrients, and temperature to remain healthy. Our team provides expert care for your existing office plants, ensuring they thrive and remain healthy. We can also provide advice on which plants will be best suited for your office’s specific conditions. Don’t let your office plants suffer any longer, contact us today to ensure they receive the care they need!

Your advantages:

  • Happy employees with healthy plants
  • Healthier room climate through plants
  • Sustainable use of plants, e.g. blooming flowers instead of bouquets
  • Professional and regular care and control of your plants
  • Expert advice on purchasing new plants
  • Your competent and reliable partner for plants, plant procurement and plant care
  • Cost-transparent billing in a flexible modular system

Regular visits as a subscription at different intervals

Our service includes visits to care for your office plants and indoor plants in your office or commercial premises at different intervals: 2-weekly

The basic package with up to 30-50 plants in the office and interval 2-weekly costs from €199 plus VAT per month.

The basic package with up to 50 plants in the office and interval 2-weekly costs from €249 plus VAT per month..

Each plant deserves a care time of a few minutes, so the monthly price increases from 30 plants according to the increasing care effort.

What does our plant care service at your office include?

Our comprehensive plant care service at your office includes a range of essential tasks. Firstly, we conduct a visual inspection of each of your inventoried plants, as well as performing stock control to ensure that we maintain an up-to-date „file“ for each plant. We then carry out regular checks of the water level and soil moisture to ensure that each plant receives the right amount of water. We also provide expert watering and fertilization with natural gardening tricks, helping to supply the necessary nutrients that your plants require to stay healthy. We also take care of the cleaning and maintenance of leaves, as well as collecting and disposing of dead plant matter. Additionally, our team is experienced in pruning and tying up tendrils and shoots, ensuring that your plants remain properly maintained and attractive. Finally, we offer plant care that includes preventive pest control and prevention measures to keep your plants healthy and thriving. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive plant care service at your office.


    Our catchment area is primarily Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and Spandau (Olympic Stadium plus 10km)

    Plant equipment with care

    Do you have a sparse office without plants and would like to have office plants and indoor plants that are suitable for your light conditions and humidity in it? Have you already thought about whether you want to buy the plants yourself (with our procurement and delivery) or whether you want to work with hired plants? We work together with another provider in Berlin regarding rental plants and maintenance subscription. Feel free to contact us and share your ideas with us. Together we will find a way to make your office green and appealing to your colleagues and visitors.

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    Contact us! We are happy to help!

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    We need the following information: office location, number of plants and approximate size (pictures would be ideal)

    In order to be able to make you a serious offer, we need some information about the number of plants, size, pot diameter and performance requirements. Feel free to use the inquiry form  (as PDF) (as Excel)

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